Monday, May 15, 2017

UAVSonde Data for NearSys Station, 13 May 2017

UAVSonde data were collected at 6:30 AM. Here are the data.

Altitude: 2,260 feet
Temperature: 36 *F
Relative Humidity: 85%
Pressure: 940.0 mb

Altitude: 2,539 feet
Temperature: 40 *F
Relative Humidity: 85%
Pressure: 917.6 mb

There appears there was a slight temperature inversion. However, the UAV flashed a low battery condition requiring it be landed early. The temperature could be different if the UAV remained aloft for the full 60 seconds.

I still need to gain the gain on the pressure sensor and recalibrate. That need a to be followed by a test of temperature affects on the pressure sensor output.

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