Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sky and Ground Thermal Observation for NearSys Station, 3 January 2018

According to the Seek Reveal, the ground temperature was 8 *F and clouds were at -12 *F. Assuming a dry adiabatic lapse rate of 5.4 degrees per thousand feet, the clouds base was at 3,700 feet. The sky behind the clouds had a temperature of -28 *F.

It's a little foggy at NearSys Station and we are covered in overcast. A drive earlier today indicated the fog reaches no higher than 425 feet (since that's the elevation of a ridge I need to cross). Above that is clear skies. So I don't know what cloud base the thermal imager is detecting.

This is the appearance of the clouds and for overhead.

A thermal image of the overhead clouds and fog.

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