Sunday, March 31, 2019

A Hike Up Lizard Butte

Driving home on a short excursion, I approached Lizard Butte outside of Massing, ID and realized I hadn't climbed in a while. I am sorely in need of hiking practice, so I took this opportunity.

But I made sure to collect some data during the hike.

First, I turned on my altimeter app. It showed that I hiked 0.2 miles and climbed 335 feet in the around five minutes it took to reach the top (it took additional time to start the screen capture app and record this image).

When I got to the top, I recorded this image.

The view is pretty spectacular from up here. This is looking northwest towards the Snake River and I think Rabbit Island.

On the way down, I used an inclinometer app to measure how steep a typical part of the trail was.

The trail seemed steeper, I thought I might be walking a 45% slope. This makes me realize that even a 24 degree slope can be treacherous, if you lose your footing.

Idaho has a lot to offer with local hiking trails and scenery. Be sure to stop by sometime and try some of the smaller trails.

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