Wednesday, April 25, 2012

I am experimenting with taking pictures in the near infrared (NIR) and ultraviolet (360 nm) again. The picture below was taken outside my apartment in visible light.

This image was taken in NIR with the camera set to monochrome

This is the ultraviolet image in color.

And the same image, but with the camera set to monochrome

I am rather surprised by the blandness of the ultraviolet image.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Venus and the Pleiades

Venus is passing by the Pleiades (Seven Sisters). If you get a chance, get your binoculars out and take a look.

NearSpace Simple 18

I am developing a new flight computer, the NearSpace Simple 18. The flight computer is an upgraded BalloonSat flight computer with tracking capability. It has the following capabilities.

  • Collect three analog sensor values
  • Collect or operate three digital experiments
  • Operate two cameras
  • Collect GPS data
  • Indicate status with a bi-colored LED
  • Indicates when the GPS has a lock and when transmitting a position
  • Store data in a 32kb EEPROM memory
  • Hold collecting data until the Commit pin is pulled
  • Transmit APRS position reports

The flight computer is built around the PICAXE-18M2. Therefore, the flight computer is fully programmable (very flexible). If you can write it in BASIC, then the NearSpace Simple 18 can do it.

the tracking portion of the NearSpace Simple 18 is Byonics TinyTrak 3. The Tiny Trak is a well developed APRS trackers and fully programable with settings like callsign and transmit rate.

This is an entry level flight computer that only needs you to connect the GPS and antenna.