Friday, December 20, 2013

Animated LED Display

The new NearSys Animated LED Display showing the number 9

NearSys is developing a animated display of 64 (8 by 8) bicolor LEDs.

The LED array is a BL-M12A883XX from Adafruit. Each square contains two LEDs, colored red and green. both LEDs can be illuminated simulataneously, so each pixel can be off, red, green, or yellow.

A PICAXE 28X2 controls the display and receives a command for the specfic display form the robot controller it is connected to.

Setting the color of each cell in a column is easy, just set two 1-byte variables (one for red and one for green). For example,
Green = 255
Red = 255

Then increment the current column to display with thess commands
Counter = Counter + 1
Column = Counter *4

Finally, set the PICAXE-28X2 output pins to acitivate all the cells in the current row.
pinsA = Row
pinsB = Red
pinsC = Green

Current, I am testing a display for a count down timer. When completed, I'll post a YouTube video.

I will write a short article on it for Servo. look for the kit to become available at around that time (January 2014).

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