Sunday, March 19, 2017

Boise Code Camp

I was invited to present at Boise Code Camp 2017. My presentation was given yesterday afternoon and was on the topic of making dataloggers with PICAXE microcontrollers. I argued that combining collecting science data using student-made datalogger is something that should be occurring in all science classrooms.

The Next Generation Science Standards,, are a proposal to revamp and re-energize school science standards so can meet the needs for a 21st century America. These new standards recognize that science has progressed when the technology for doing science has changed. 

Two prime examples I can think of is the invention of the practical vacuum pump in the mid 17th century and the invention of the practical particle accelerator in the mid 20th century. 

Having students design printed circuit boards for the PICAXE microcontroller and then learning to program it to collect data opens up new science experiences for all students. 

In addition to learning to build and use dataloggers for the sake of combining science and engineering, students are learning to use a tool of industry and a future career.

As a result of developing and giving this the presentation, I will develop a short course in the topic with the goal of teaching for a community education class of summer school. 

An example of the data I shared at Boise Code Camp.

The Photometer datalogger I displayed at Boise Code Camp.

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