Friday, May 26, 2017

CX-10C Indoor Camera Quadcopter.

Preparing to teach a drone class next year means I'm on the lookout for quadcopter ideas. I came across the CX-10C 4-channel drone two weeks ago and I was amazed to what it was capable of doing. This tiny drone is perfect for indoor flying since it costs less than $30, measures only three inches across, and weighs 14 grams.

More importantly, it can record video and take pictures. The 0.3 MP camera's pictures are not GoPro quality, but are nevertheless pretty nice.

I don't get to see the hallway of my school from this altitude.
The video is even better.

The quadcopter is solidly enough built to survive several crashes without a scratch.

Not a bad toy for $30. Here's looking at you, kid.
So I'm thinking about writing a grant to purchase enough of these quadcopters for my class and then handing them out to students when they've passed their first test.

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