Wednesday, October 25, 2017

All Sky Photometer for NearSys Station, 24 October 2017

I'm testing a new photometer head, one made from medium output LEDs rather than high power LEDs. I wanted to see if the colored lens of the LEDs would change the photometer's output.

The one difference I've noticed so far is that the red LED detector produces spiky output. The red signal only had three values with the highest output 20 times greater than the average red signal. So I've removed that from the photometer chart until I can determine what is happening.

Photometer with new Sensor Head. The Sensor Head is designed to be removable from the Photometer. 
Interesting how the blue signal read so low in the morning. This was probably due to fog, NearSys Station experienced fog on the 24th. So while the fog was in place, no blue light form the sun reached the surface. This doesn't explain the spike seen in blue, however. More testing is needed.

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