Monday, April 23, 2018

Garden Soil Temperature

I ran an experiment to see how my garden's temperature varies. To do this, I buried two sets of dataloggers and shot several readings with my Seek Reveal thermal imager.
At the top is the munched dual temperature logger and bottom right is the unmulched logger. Both have LM335 temperature sensors buried 2" and 5" deep.

The Seek Reveal shows there is a wide variation in surface temperatures because if the play of sunlight and shadows on an uneven soil surface. The imager is only measuring the surface temperature, not the temperature below the surface.

The Seek Reveal shows just how strongly undulations affect the surface temperature.

The below surface temperatures show what I expected. The deeper temperature doesn't experience as large of a temperature swing. Also, mulching reduces the magnitude of the temperature swing that soil experiences.

Soil that's not covered by 2" of mulch experienced a stronger temperature swing over 22 hours than did munched soil. Also, munched soil didn't experience of a temperature difference between 2" and 5" deep.

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