Saturday, November 24, 2018

Paul's SciTrek: Utah State University Eastern Prehistoric Museum

Prehistoric Museum 155 East Main Street, Price, Utah

On November 17th, I visited the Prehistoric Museum in Price, Utah. The museum is open Monday through Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Admissions are listed as follows,

Ages 2 - 12: $3
Adult: $6
Senior: $5
Military: $5
Family: $17
Military Family: $14

Parking is free and the museum does give tours with advanced notice. The museum in Price is one of the five accredited museums in Utah and is your one-stop destination to discover eastern Utah's prehistory.

The museum is two stories tall and consists of two wings. One wing is dedicated to dinosaurs (paleontology) while the other wing is dedicated to the Fremont People (archaeology). One corner of the paleontology wing is set aside for children to play through hands-on educational activities.

Older than a dinosaur, a Dimetrodon. This animal's descendants lead to mammals and not reptiles.

Stegosaurus, notice the bony bib protecting its neck.

Chasmosaurus belli, a 73 million year-old armored dinosaur.

The Utahraptor greeting you at the museum.
The large diorama in the archaeology wing. Human versus Mastodon.

A replica petroglyph of the Fremont People.

Some of the pottery on display.

Everyone's favorite, a Saber-toothed Cat (note, this is not a tiger).

A Short-faced Bear. These bears where 50% larger than modern bears and the largest predatory land mammals ever in North America.

A dire wolf. These big wolves were living in North America when humans crossed the Bering Strait.

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