Sunday, March 17, 2019

Clavius Region of the Moon

Clavius is the second largest crater on the moon with a diameter of 141 miles. It was also the location of a moon base in the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. North of Clavius is one of the moon's most prominent craters, Tycho. In 2001, that is where the monolith was dug up.

These craters are located in the lunar southern highlands, an old and rugged terrain. Clavius on Wikipedia. This region has not been resurfaced from volcanic flows and dates back to the Late Heavy Bombardment.

I used a ZWO color digital camera to record this region last night on the 10 day old waxing gibbous moon. The program SharpCap recorded the image and I'm hoping to use AviStack to process video I took. One thing became apparent in the video, even a light breeze causes my 16" f/4.5 telescope to rock back and forth.

Clavius is the large crater near the bottom left and Tycho is straight above it. Notice that Tycho is a much brighter crater. Also, traces of rays emanating from the crater are visible on it's right.

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