Saturday, September 26, 2009

NearSpace UltraLight

I had a request for the NearSpace UltraLight flight computer. I've started soldering parts together for the board, but haven't completed it yet (or tested).

The flight computer is like a BalloonSat Easy with a built in radio and GPS Port. After building one, you just need to attach the antenna, batteries, and GPS receiver and you're ready to fly. The final kit will include memory (which the version 2.0 BalloonSat Easy doesn't) and a coax cable and wire for making the antenna. It will be my most expensive kit since it includes the $60 radio transmitter. But overall, it should be one of the least expensive ways to ow a flight computer suitable for near space missions.

One day, I hope to enter into the model rocetry field with a line of model satellite payloads.

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