Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Smart Proximity Detector

The PCBs I've designed for the Smart Proximity Detector are int eh mail. I expect them this week. The detector uses a PICAXE-08M to operate IREDs and a 28 kHz detector.

I'm starting to pack kits. I began by creating a spreadsheet with a list of the parts and costs. After that, I'll copy the list of parts into a word document and print that out. I follow what's int he document to pack the bag with parts. I also write the number of items that goes into each bag. That way, after I collect the parts on the list, I do a final count before packing them into their bag. However, before packing each bag, I now affix a label on the outside of the bag with teh name of the kit.

The bag for the prox detector is a sandwich bag, since the PCB is six inches wide.

The Smart Proximity Detector is for any robot that can receive serial data. Look for it under Catalog at the NearSys.com website shortly. I have a video demonstration of a robot using the detector that I am completing. That video along with directions and a copy of the code will be available online for free.

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