Saturday, January 1, 2011

Robot Terminal

I finally had time to figure out how to send AT commands to the Digi Xbee radios. I've worked with them previously, but wasn't comfortable enough with how I was setting the radios. Now I've got them working the way I want.

Therefore, I will shortly be offering a robot terminal kit. It will permit you to communicate with a robot using your PC. I've got an example robot set up right now. It drives and turns as instructed while confirming the communications. The robot carries a simple arm and video transmitters that is also controlled over the radio. The robot is smart, it attempts to carry out your commands as best it can. Since the robot is using a ChapBot-14, it is a little limited - so eventually, I'll interface the radio with a CheapBot-18 on an articulated robot body and more complex arm. Moon rover anyone?

I'll also create a kit to allow BalloonSats to communicate with each other in order to create near space constellations.

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