Monday, July 31, 2017

Kansas Water Towers as Seen by a Drone

As I headed home to Idaho last weekend, I made a few stops to test my new camera, an Apeman A60. The camera was slung beneath my Blade Chroma and setup to record video. I took screen shots of some of the video and would like to share them.

My first goal in shooting video was to show that flying around infrastructure is safe, as long as you keep a respectful distance and don't cross private property lines. Second, I wanted the video to show that drones are a safe and inexpensive way to inspect infrastructure. These still images could show more detail if it was used by a county or state employee who's job was to inspect infrastructure. Finally, a drone platform let's you see what the top of stuff looks like and gives a better feel for its placement in the community.

The Hays, Kansas water tower next to the Sternberg Museum. I made sure my drone did not cross the fence around the tower.
At 400 feet up, the water tower is way below the drone. Now we can see what's on top of the tower. This image is looking towards the East.
The Park, Kansas water tower. Again, I kept a respectful distance away from the tower.

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