Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sky and Ground Thermal Observation for NearSys Station, 16 September 2017

This morning at 8:00 AM MDT the skies were clear of clouds except for very minor streak of cirrus. The ground temperature was 17 *F And the sky temperature was -43 * F. At a difference of 60 degrees and assuming a 5.4 degree dry lapse rate, the altitude the sky temperature was measured is 11,100 feet.

Thermal image of the sky overhead NearSys Station.

This afternoon at 8:00 PM MDT, the sky was clouded over with nearly 100% altostratus (some high level cirrus was visible through gaps). The ground temperature was 34 *F And the sky temperature was -21 *F. Assuming a lapse rate of 5.4 *F, the altitude at which the sky's temperature was measured is 10,200 feet.

Thermal image over NearSys Station this evening. The sky was nearly 100% overcast with altostratus.

RGB image of the sky overhead of NearSys Station this evening.

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