Friday, September 29, 2017

Sky and Ground Thermal Observation for NearSys Station, 29 September 2017

At 7:00 PM MDT the skies over NearSys Station were mostly cloudy with a mix of high altitude cirrus and altocumulus.

The ground temperature was 46 *F. The temperature of the altocumulus was 5 *F And the temperature of the cirrus was -21 *F.

Assuming a dry adiobatic lapse rate of 5.4 *F/1,000 feet, the base of the altocumulus was 7,600 feet AGL. The base of the cirrus was then at 12,400 feet.

I need to determine at some point what calibration factor I need to apply.

Thermal Infrared Image of the Clouds above NearSys Station.

Visible Image of the Clouds above NearSys Station.

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