Monday, December 25, 2017

Ground and Sky Thermal Observation for NearSys Station, 25 December 2017

With snowfall in the ground, the coldest ground temperature was 6 degrees F. The overhead stratocumulus had a temperature of 1 degree F. Assuming a dry adiabatic lapse rate of 5.4 degrees per thousand feet, the cloud base has an altitude of 900 feet.

Furthermore, the clouds drifted 10 degrees towards the east in 31 seconds. The estimate of 10 degrees was made by looking at the width of my fist from my extended arm. Using the definition of the tangent, I calculated that the clouds drifted 0.176 of their 900 foot altitude in 31 seconds.

Assuming an altitude of 900 feet, the wind speed is 3.5 miles per hour towards the east at that altitude.

Thermal infrared image of the overhead stratocumulus.

Visible image of the overhead straticumulus clouds.

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