Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Ground and Sky Thermal Observation during an Inversion, 27 December 2017

At 8:10 AM MST this morning, I made a thermal observation of the sky and ground at NearSys Station. Currently, the Treasure Valley, especially the lower or western valley is under an inversion. Our sky is completely overcast and we have mild fog.

Interesting how the featureless sky above is not featureless in thermal infrared. The coldest ground temperature is 5 degrees F. The sky is 8 degrees, except in patches that are 3 degrees colder. I believe these are cloud regions that are hanging lower that our overcast.

The sky looks featureless in visible light.

The overhead stratus clouds are 3 degrees warmer than the ground.

Except in patches that are as cold as the ground.

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