Thursday, March 15, 2018

UAVSonde Data for NearSys Station, 15 March 2018

I flew the UAVSonde to an altitude of 400 feet while collecting temperature, relative humidity, and visibility data.

Here are the data
Ground Altitude
Temperature: 55.4*F
Relative Humidity: 27.7%

400 Foot Altitude
Temperature: 49.6*F
Relative Humidity: 29.8%

The Amprobe TR200 recorded data once per second. In the chart below, the two attempts needed to collect data is apparent. Two attempts were required because the UAVSonde flashed a battery warning during the first ascent. So I had to land the UAVSonde and replace the battery. The UAVSonde remained on station (at 400 feet AGL) for four minutes. The chart below indicates the approximate mid point of the UAVSonde on station.

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