Sunday, March 11, 2018

Visting Walla Walla, Washington

Rachel and I have heard some nice things about Walla Walla in the past. So we decided to drive through last Saturday on the way home. First I have to say, the Walla Walla region has a lot of vineyards and wineries. The town has a lot of wine tasting rooms to support one of their major agricultural businesses. So if you get a chance to visit the college-town of Walla Walla, be prepared for wine tasting.

Downtown is really interesting on Main street once you go east of Second street (there's got to be more than we saw, so please explore more).

Rachel liked the large amount of wine-tasting rooms. There are too many, so we'll go back again in the near future.

I on the other hand likes the Walla Walla Bread company. The pizzas are fired and aren't anything like a chain store pizza.

By the way, I flew my UAV downtown and away from people to record a few memories.

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