Monday, December 12, 2016

Announcing New NearSys Kits

NearSys just released a new BalloonSat Flight Computer, five new sensor kits, and updated two old sensor arrays.

New BalloonSat Flight Computer
The new flight computer is called the BalloonSat Mini Servo. In place of one sensor, there's a servo. This lets a BalloonSat physically manipulate an experiment, like opening and closing a Petri dish during a mission. You can select from three sensors for this flight computer, temperature, pressure, or relative humidity. See, BalloonSat Mini Servo for complete information.

New Near Space Sensors
The new sensor designed for the BalloonSat Mini is a temperature and pressure sensor which you can see at, Temperature and Pressure Sensor.

For the BalloonSat Easy, NearSys just released a Temperature, Pressure, and Relative Humidity sensor array which you can see at, Temperature, Pressure, and Relative Humidity Sensor.

Finally, the BalloonSat Mini Servo has three options for sensors which are located at these links,
Pressure Sensor
Temperature Sensor
Relative Humidity Sensor

Updated Near Space Sensors
Finally, NearSys updated the LED Photometer kits to allow you to select the LED or LEDs to use and the gain for each LED. You essentially get eight different LED Photometers in one kit. You can see these new Photometers at the link, One and Two Channel LED Photometers.

In the Future
PS, NearSys is testing three new kits that will double the number of available BalloonSat Flight Computers offered.

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