Thursday, October 15, 2009

NearSys 09F

We may be launching two near space missions this week. The flights are for the University of Kansas, School of Education and Kansas Wesylan Univeristy. The person who made this all possible is Pete Sias, the man who got me started in near space exploration 15 years ago.

The launch takes place Saturday at 8 AM from trhe KWU campus. You should be able to track the flight at one of this webpages.

Onboard will be five KU BalloonSats and at least one experiment from the KWU Physics club.

I'll be flying the reuseable lunch bag tracker I'm developing for Popular Mechanics, an old backup tracker, and a module with a new flight computer. This module carries most of the science. It will measure cosmic rays, weather conditions, internal temperature, and several cameras, including still and video.

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  1. Will you be flying/dropping the Idaho potato bomb or the sling shot glider?