Thursday, October 22, 2009

Robotic Arm

I'm working on a simple robotic arm design for the CheapBot robots. It uses two servos, one to lift the arm and the second to pul a wire lasso tighter. The wired lasso is made from piano wire, so it naturally wants to spring open when the smaller servo extends the wires. Both ends of the wire lasso attach to the servo horn, so when it moves the ends of the wires one inch, the lasso expands by two inches.

I want to try a thinner wire. To make it simple to use, the lasso must be really flexible to wrap around the target regardless of how sloppy the positioning between the arm and the target is. The wire lasso also keeps the end of the arm very light, an important issue when you have a six inch long arm (you can build up a lot of torque for the servo to lift).

Rubber stoppers take out some of the slop in holding the target. I need to find a lighter weight "cushion" for this purpose and an easy way to mount it. I'll look into a foam rubber shirt for the end of the arm as a replacement.

I'll post some pictures soon.

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