Friday, January 27, 2017

Cosmic Ray Flux with Coincidence Counter (oriented horizontally north)

During the last 24 hours, the geiger counters were turned to face North. Only radiation traveling horizontally from the North or south could trigger the coincidence counter. And boy what a difference that made.

Cosmic rays were only detected 2.35% of the time. The mean flux was only 0.031 counts per 10 seconds per square inch. The standard deviation was 0.207 counts per 10 seconds per square inch.

When oriented horizontally, there's only 10.3% the number of cosmic rays as there is in the vertical direction. The mean flux is only 8.9% and the standard deviation is 30.4%. I suspect the amount of standard deviation is an artifact of the very low cosmic ray flux from the horizontal direction.

Below is a table of the count and their standard deviations.

STD-DEV.      Counts
6.                     199
12.                   5

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