Sunday, January 22, 2017

Cosmic Ray Monitoring Station (day 3)

Another day of collecting geiger counter data at NearSys Station. The average counts per 10 seconds per square inch was 3.76, so an insignificant change from the last two days. The standard deviation was 2.27, so an insignificant increase from the previous day. The maximum count was 16.00, or a value between the last two days.

The incidents exceeding each standard deviation is listed below.

S.D.  # Incidents Exceeding
2.       220
3.       85
4.       9
5.       1
6.       0
7.       0

Something to make clear is that the Cosmic Ray Monitoring Station is counting the number of particles passing through the tube per 10 seconds. So a high count indicates a shower of particles from a cosmic ray.

Next experiment is to add a coincident counter between two RM-60 geiger counters and then only count the times both counters detect a cosmic ray. That gives the Cosmic Ray Monitoring Station the ability to detect the direction of flight of the cosmic ray. When complete, there will be less background noise. Then counting incidents for two or more geiger counters. Stay tuned.

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