Monday, January 30, 2017

Cosmic Ray Flux with Coincidence Counter Facing North-South

Another 24 hours of collected data. This time the geiger counters were turned facing North and South.

The mean flux was 0.028 counts per ten seconds per square inch. That's a small decrease from the last two days (0.031 and 0.031). The standard deviation was 0.191 and that's also a bit smaller than yesterday (0.207).

There was a detection of 182 cosmic ray strikes at six standard deviations above the mean (compared to 151 the day before when the geiger counters faced east-west). There was only one strike detected with a count greater than 13 standard deviations above the mean (this compared favorably with a single strike at 12 standard deviations above the mean the day before).

The percentage of strikes was 2.1%, which is 0.4% less than the day before.

I have to conclude that the azimuth the geiger counters face is not significant. Detecting cosmic rays is best when the geiger counters are aligned vertically.

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