Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cosmic Ray Monitoring Station with Coincidence Counter at NearSys Station

The first day's data is in. The Coincidence Counter detects less background radiation and only detects radiation approaching the geiger counters from a vertical direction. As I understand it, this configuration is primarily detecting muons, a subatomic product of cosmic ray impacts with molecules in the atmosphere.

The number of strikes detected was 1,901 out of 7,842 chances (or 24.2% of the time). The average count was 0.371 counts per 10 seconds per square inch. The standard deviation was 0.703 counts per 10 seconds per square inch. Because of the low count and high standard deviation, the table of counts exceeding specific standard deviations is formatted a little differently than for the prior configuration of the Cosmic Ray Monitoring Station.

STDEV     Cosmic Ray Strikes Exceeding
2.               260
4.               21

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