Monday, January 2, 2017

Snowy Quadcopter Flights and Data

During Winter Break, I've been flying my quadcopter to collect new images and new data.

The images posted below compare near infrared and visible imagery. On the first two pairs of camera images, I used 2 different types of cameras. On the later images, I used the same camera for both images, but one camera is converted to infrared.

In the weather data, I am testing my new BalloonSat Weather Station on a flight to 400 feet to collect temperature and pressure data.

A near infrared view to the west showing a bare farm field near the house.

The same field, but now in visible light.

A view to the west showing the same bridge to Homedale. The old color camera doesn't have the same wide field of view as the infrared camera.

Now the same view with a wide field of view near infrared camera.

A ground test with two of the same camera. This picture of a willow tree was taken in an unmodified Mobius Action Cam.

 The same willow tree in near infrared and with the same Mobius Action Cam.

Now looking down at the house from 400 feet. It looks so dreary when it's this snowy.

Now in near infrared. It's not much better, is it?

After taking pictures, the Quadcopter carried a weather station I am designing and collected air pressure data. The weather station can select between measuring changes in air pressures on the ground or changes while traveling to near space.

The weather station also recorded the air temperature. There's a lag between how fast the sensor can measure temperature changes and how fast the Quadcopter can climb.

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