Friday, January 27, 2017

Second Data of Counting Cosmic Rays with a Coincidence Counter at NearSys Station

Coincidence  data has been compiled for a second day. This time, the mean count was 0.350 counts per 10 seconds per square inch and the standard deviation 0.682 counts per 10 seconds per square inch. That puts the mean count 5.6% lower and the standard deviation 3.0 % lower. The ratio between mean count and standard deviation was was 0.51 yesterday and 0.53 today. The percentage of cosmic ray detection was 23.1% last night (versus 24.2% the day before).

Below is the table of cosmic ray counts per standard deviation.

STD-DEV     Strikes Exceeding
3                    242
5                    18
7                    2

Other than more detections overall, detecting two strikes at 7 s.d. above the mean last night is more than detected the night before.

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