Monday, January 23, 2017

The RockSat Mini v1.0 Model Rocket Flight Computer

The BalloonSat Mini flight computer has been redesigned for model rocket use. Called the RockSat Mini, it's a PICAXE-based programmable datalogger with a Sensor Port (for a two sensor array), a Commit Port, and Output Port (5 volts on, off, and pulse-width modulation). 

The flight computer measures 0.8 inches by 3.6 inches and weighs 18.93 grams (minus its 9V battery). It can collect sensor data 256 times per flight and perform operations based on time or sensor input. The RockSat Mini doesn't begin running a mission until after its Commit Pin is removed. That allows you to attach its battery way in advance of launch. It also prevents the flight computer from recording data prior to rocket launch. 

The RockSat Mini is programmed in BASIC (PICAXE BASIC). So Rocket Scientists can create flight programs to collect data or operate devices at any time or condition during the flight. And with four mounting holes, the RockSat Mini can be securely mounted to a pallet inside a rocket tube.     

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